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HuskiesSaved In 2014!

50 saved in 2013! Thank you to all who helped - you are our “Husky Heroes”!

The huskies appreciate every donation!  No amount is too small - $20 can pay for necessary medications, $50 can cover a vet visit, $100 can pay for a neuter - each donation impacts our huskies in a positive way!

Raven’s Husky Haven and Rescue is now open and accepting Huskies for rescue, training, and adoption! 

The newly constructed facility received its Certificate of Occupancy from DeKalb County and its license to operate from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  The facility was inspired by a Husky named Raven, who was rescued in 2008.   Raven is now a therapy dog, proficient at agility, and embodies the loving and playful nature of a Husky.

Raven’s owners purchased a beautiful country site in Sycamore, and worked with DeKalb County Planning, Zoning and Building, DeKalb architect Lisa Sharp with Sharp Architects Inc., and McMackin Construction of Marengo, to design and build a stunning new state of the art facility.  The rescue facility, in brilliant red on a hill side, overlooks the Kishwaukee River Valley, is donned by with three Husky weather vanes, and is surrounded by expansive fenced areas for its rescued guests.   A dedicated not-for-profit volunteer board is now in place to run the rescue as a registered charitable organization, funded solely by donations, adoption fees and grants.   

This organization seeks to expand upon the animal rescue concept to suit the special needs of abandoned, stray or otherwise needy Huskies in Northern Illinois and surrounding areas and states.   The newly constructed building has excellent air conditioned, ventilated and clean living spaces for the Huskies, indoor and out, a grooming room, a large indoor exercise and training room, and well-fenced outdoor running and play areas.  Exercise of mind and body makes for healthy Huskies, who may not perform well in typical shelters or humane society facilities.  Second, the rescue will be operated day to day by a breed experienced training professional, who lives on site, and reports to the non-profit Board.

Our goal is to do appropriate intake of beautiful rescued Huskies in need, undertake rehabilitation of health and well-being, and to work with the dogs in terms of training and socialization so that their adoptions are happy and sustainable. Raven's Husky Haven is linked to DeKalb's TAILS for rescue referrals and initial veterinary services, and will work with other shelters in Illinois and beyond to provide a soft landing place for Huskies in need.

Raven's Husky Haven is also excited to support the NIU community, and looks forward to the community enjoying the rescue as well.

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Meet the dedicated people behind RHHR!


Jennifer Soule

Ms. Soule is a practicing attorney, artist, outdoor enthusiast, and a founder of RHHR.  Ms. Soule has rescued three Huskies.  Sage, pictured here, is a registered Delta Society pet partners therapy dog. 

Huskies are wonderful friends, cuddlers, and companions.  The time spent with them providing the mental and physical exercise they so enjoy results in many rewards.

Kelly Lambert

Kelly Lambert is a practicing attorney and a founder of RHHR.  She has loved Northern Breeds since she was two years old when she was given an Alaskan Malamute mixed puppy by her parents.  She rescued her first Siberian Husky, Raven, in 2008, resulting in a passion for rescue work and Siberian Huskies.

Kelly and Raven participate in agility and volunteer therapy work to keep them busy.  Adopting Raven was a rewarding experience, so Kelly added two more Siberian Husky rescues to her pack.  Raven is such a special dog to Kelly that she inspired Kelly to found the rescue with Raven as its namesake.  It is hoped that many other special owner-husky relationships will follow for the patrons of Raven’s Husky Haven and its rescued dogs.

Laurie Elkin

When I was growing up, I always dreamed of having a Siberian Husky.  I think it was their beauty that first caught my eye.  Then, in 1996, I finally got my first Husky, Dylan.  He exceeded all my dreams and showed me all the great qualities that Siberians have.  Not only was he beautiful, but he was loving, gentle, smart, independent, and stubborn.  When Dylan was two, I got my second Husky, Sasha.  She was a great companion for my family and for Dylan.  She was funny, smart, independent, and stubborn.  After losing my two beautiful huskies to old age, I recently got my third-Hugo, who is now 5 months old.  He is incredibly loving, sweet, cuddly, independent and stubborn.  As you can see, independent and stubborn is a common theme - they keep me on my toes, but it is worth it!  These dogs have enriched my life and have taught me to love the Chicago winters - nothing is more delightful than watching a Husky in the snow!

I am so excited to be a member of RHHR.  Our organization is going to help ensure that these beautiful animals find a home.  Placed in the right home, a Husky will thrive and will bring so much love and companionship to his human family.

Glenda Woods

Glenda is a tax auditor for Massachusettts Dept. of Revenue.  She is a certified scuba diver, taught tennis, Little League umpire, volleyball referee, coached girls’ softball teams, played college softball, and played competitive travel ball for softball and volleyball.  Currently into running, ran the Chicago Marathon and many 1/2 marathons.

Her family always rescued mixed breed dogs until they got a GSP, Dutchess, who was the love of their lives and lived a full 16 years.  She really taught them to spoil a dog!

The biggest loves of her life are her greyhounds!  She has rescued greyhounds for years, and currently has two: T2 (aka Tony) who is 6, and Tom who is 9.  T2 is a red brindle and Tom is a cow dog (black and white).

Glenda says: “I am kind of known as the person who obtains "recycled" dogs.  Other than T2, all my greyhounds were returned to the rescue group from owners who could no longer keep them.  That breaks my heart, so I have a weakness for taking in these poor abandoned dogs.  And, yes, sometimes the returned dogs had an issue which caused the return, but I believe a lot of people just aren't willing to take the time to understand and work with the dog.  So far, I have seen all my rescues live very happy and healthy lives!  And all the love they have returned to me has made my life much fuller than it would have been without them.  I will always have a rescued dog whether it be a greyhound, husky, or mixed breed.  :-)”

Lisa Monge  

Lisa is the full-time trainer and caretaker for RHHR!  She is extremely excited about being involved with a rescue that is dedicated to excellent care and training of one of her favorite breeds.  Lisa currently has one husky, Shiva, and several Alaskan Klee Kai.

Lisa has had dogs since childhood, and has always had a passion for training and showing.  Lisa has studied a multitude of training methodologies, and handling techniques in order to give her dogs all that they deserve.

Lisa comes from a retail management background - most recently having been the Hotel Manager for Petsmart’s PetsHotel.  She had the pleasure of grand opening and then operating two PetsHotels in the Chicago-land suburbs.  This gave her a unique opportunity to hone and combine her skills with dogs with business acumen!

Lisa trains with her dogs in agility, rally, obedience, weight pull, freestyle. Her husky Shiva is currently working towards her UKC Super Dog title (a designation given to dogs who have titles in conformation, rally, obedience, agility, and weight pull), as well as her Working Pack Dog (WPD) title from the Siberian Husky Club of America.

Lisa has experience in training a variety of breeds, temperaments, and issues, and has a particular passion for the drive and intelligence of the Siberian Husky!  She enjoys the sense of true partnership that you get when you work with a husky, and is ready to help the rescues get ready for their new homes!

Raven’s  Husky Haven and Rescue  -  27779 Five Points Rd.  -  Sycamore, IL  -  815.508.8007

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Mary Ward  

After receiving an M.S. from Illinois State University, Mary spent her first years out of college as the director of a program for victims of domestic violence. Under her direction, this small organization opened a shelter staffed largely by volunteers. Although she spent the next twenty years in IT management for a large financial software and services firm, the power of volunteer commitment was never forgotten. She has been a volunteer with the West Suburban Humane Society for several years and has been grateful for the opportunity to help animals find appropriate and loving homes. Exposure to many breeds has led to an understanding that some breeds require special environments and training, to ensure they acclimate well in a new home. Siberian Huskies are a good example of a breed with unique requirements, and she is excited to work with RHHR.